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Serving Authentic Entrées Made From Scratch

Satisfy your cravings for authentic International cuisine through the catering service offered by Sunshine Catering LLC. From Tahchin and Samosas to Salads , we prepare dishes using the freshest ingredient

Contact us to place your orders. We serve clients in Phoenix, Arizona and its surrounding areas.

Please place your ordes 2-3 days in advanced

We offer vegiterian ,gluten free and vegan and Keto 

Finger foods

Finger foods(minimum order of 30pieces of each dish)


Our home maid stuffed grape leaf or mini peppers ,eggplants or tomato

Meat balls

with your choice of sauce walnut & pomegranet ,bbq or spicy) 


potatoes, egg, ground beef, and our house seasoning

tow bites size 

Mini Sandwiches

chicken salad(2 kind), tuna salad,PB &J, ham and cheese,Salmon,Vegge wrap and much more 


Mini Tahchin: two bites rice cake( rice,egg,yugert,saffron) with chiken 

Mini Kabobs skewers  new

Ground Beef,Chiken ,Tenderloin and veggie ready to grill or fully cooked ;with our mini tahchin perfect for any gathering


comes in deffrent marinade (ask )

Mirza Ghassemi (Eggplant Dip)

Fire roasted eggplants & tomatoes, garlic, and onions topped with chopped fried eggire roasted

Pricing: per pound 

Mirza ghasemi shot new 

Kashke Bademjan (Eggplant Dip)

Smashed oven roasted eggplants topped with fried onions, garlic, sour cream, and mint

Pricing: per Lb 

Kashk bademjan shot new

Koko Sabzi (herbs Patties)

fresh herbs ,egg,seasening

tow bites size

Oven backed Samosas  

Meat, fresh herbs,ground beef, potatoes, and onion,spices

Veggie:, potatoes, fresh herbs, onion and homemade spices 

with tamarind sauce

Yogurt Dips

Masto Khiar (Taztziki)

Chopped Persian cucumbers mixed with traditional Greek-style yogurt, dry mint, and a hint of salt and pepper

Masto Moosir (Yogurt and Shallots)

Chopped dry shallots mixed with traditional Greek-style yogurt and a hint of pepper

Pricing:per Lb 

yogurt dips shot new


Garden salad 

Greek salad 

Shirazi Salad 


chickpeas,lemon juice,garlic

Hummus shot: with veggie stiksnew

chiken potato salad (oloviye)

chicken breast ,potato,green peas,lime juce,meyo ,pickle 

Oloviye Rolls

Special Orders

All Stew can made vegetarian /vegan

Ghormesabzi stew

Chopped vegetables with chunks of beef topped with red kidney beans and dried lemons

Gheymeh Bademjan ,Gheymeh stew

Our famous red stew with sautéed beef, yellow split peas, and dried lemons topped with fried eggplants

Fesenjon stew

Slow braised chicken in pomegranate molasses and finely ground walnuts, a delicious stew that can only be justified by tasting it!

Zereshk Polo

Our traditional basmati rice cooked with barberries; goes great with saffron chicken

Saffron Chicken

Each order comes with one chicken breast or one chicken leg slowly braised with saffron tomatoes and onions

BBQ Meals 

Kobideh(bsk),Chicken Kabob,Veggie Kabob

Enjoy one skewer of ground beef kabob with warm basmati rice, grilled tomato

Enjoy a skewer of marinated chicken breast with warm basmati rice and grilled tomatoonions, bell peppers, and zucchini

food Allergy Warning

Our food may contain nuts, dairy, spices, garlic, and egg. Please ask if you have any concerns. 

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