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International Cuisine

Treat yourself and your loved ones to mouthwatering healthy version of international dishes and desserts served by Sunshine Catering LLC. Choose from a wide selection of authentic meals, finger foods and deserts.

Our freshly prepared dishes will surely keep you and your family coming back for more. We cater to special events like birthdays and business meetings in Phoenix, Arizona and its surrounding areas. Please be advised that we will charge for deliveries.

Cooking Is Love Made Visible

Shirin Keykhosrovi is graduate from university of Art and has traveled widely in Persia experiencing a wide rang of traditional food  from different  regions in the country; start of this endear  grateful to Parvin her late mother and Homa her beloved mother in law 

A Friendly Reminder

Please order5-7 days in advance . A minimum of 3 days notice is required for order cancellations.

ES Department permit (license from health department)

please ask for delivery price

we are working with Mrs Callie Tyo event Designer.Planner

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